Dave Eccles

I am the person who introduced automated bidding (snipe) software on Ebay.Dave Eccles - cricketsniper.com I started selling and buying on Ebay in March 1997. I began with selling antiques and collectibles. In August 1997 I started developing Ebay's first Sniper program.

In December 1997 Cricket Jr Sniped for the first time and won the auction with about 9 seconds left to go. On December 31 Cricket Jr (CJ) was put up for Auction. On January 1, 1998, Ebay killed the auction. So began my Ebay Critic career.

The little green bug has had an interesting history which you can learn about in the Cricket Jr help file. I have lost a lot of blood to Ebay trying to keep this program alive and well in Ebay land so it was with a lot of pleasure that I read on the Ebay Announcement Board early in October 1999 that they finally publicly endorsed the use of this type of program on their site.

In 2002 we moved to North Idaho. I do a lot of hunting. Kim and do a lot of fishing. Kim isn't too crazy about horses but I ride. We pick wild mushrooms two times a year and we also pick huckleberries.

A pic of our horses

Jas and Nicki


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