Cricket Sniper - Over 30 major features

Screen Shots

  • Setup Wizard

    When the program starts for the first time, a Setup Wizard will guide you through the basic set up options to get you in the Snipe business. You can be Sniping in less then 5 minutes.
  • Main Screen(Foreign Currency auctions)

    You can set a snipe bid manually

    1. Enter auction number
    2. Choose who will be Sniping
    3. Enter Auction end time
    4. Enter Auction end date
    5. Enter the Snipe bid
    6. Click Set Snipe!

    Or have Cricket fill in the details for you!
    • Smart Data Entry

    Setting up the Snipe is ABC simple. All Date, Time and Currency fields have been formatted for the user. Don't want to set up the Snipe manually? Use Smart Item
  • Smart Item

    Smart Item is a special feature that allows the user to enter an auction number then click a button to have Cricket Jr Power Sniper contact Ebay and gather Snipe Data. Once the Snipe data is gathered, Smart Item fills out the Cricket Jr bid form for you. All that is left for you to do is enter your bid and set the Snipe! Smart Item also presents you with seller and current high bidder links so that you may view their histories.
    1. Enter Auction Number
      Click NEW

    2. Enter Snipe Bid

    3. Click Set Snipe!

  • Smart Snipe

    After the Snipe is set, the Snipe Screen Command Center loads. Smart Snipe has many jobs!
    • Watches over the Snipe and protects it from unavoidable Internet delays that might arise.
    • Alerts the Sniper when the Snipe bid has been beaten during the Snipe count down.
    • During the count down Smart Snipe fetches the current high bid, bidder and determines who the seller is.
    • Monitors Memory load.
    • Measures Net delay and adjusts Snipe safety margins accordingly.
    • Monitors your connection.
    • Prepares and sends out email for the Sniper automatically.
    • Monitors Ebay Clock synchronization with Atomic Time.
    • Plus many more things in the background you cannot see.
  • Bid Bump

    During the Snipe count down the Sniper can send in small bids to test the waters.
  • ToDo list

    The ToDo feature is very handy for those bidders that have a lot of purchases forthcoming, feedbacks to do and confirmations to make. In the Database view, the ToDo list is enhanced with a budget tracker for those Sniper's that care to know how much money is being spent and committed to be spent on auctions.
  • Reminders

    The user has the option of having Cricket Jr show a little Reminder notice each time program is run. The Reminder notice will display briefly then go away. This nice feature has been designed to compliment the ToDo list. You will be reminded of when the Pacific Time zone is about to go into Daylight or Standard time. You will also be reminded of how many days it has been since you checked for messages or updates using the Cricket Updater program.
  • Auction Viewer

    A convenient way to view a sellers auctions, feedback and your own feedback via the View Auctions screen. Every seller you have ever dealt with is made available to you.
  • Email

    A big part of bidder management is the ability to conveniently track purchases then send an email to the seller if needed. A user can have Cricket Jr send an email automatically after a Snipe. The user can customize their emails in the Email Editor. The user can wait for the seller to email them but on those occasions when a user is on vacation or traveling it might be desirable to have Cricket Jr assist the user in making the Ebay imposed 3 day confirmation time limit. The optional automatic emails are:
    • I'm a winner! Here is my information...
    • I notice the reserve wasn't met... what is the best price you will take for this?
    • Hi! I just left you positive feedback on Ebay!
    • Hello! I am a bit concerned I submitted payment on X day and I have yet to receive my shipment.
  • Auto Feedback

With one mouse click, the Feedback Screen will present the user with all of the sellers that need feedback. The Feedback screen is also a Feedback Message Editor. The user can add, delete or edit any of their custom feedback messages.

The Feedback editor has a character counter. The user will always know how many characters their message contains. This nice feature complies with Ebay's 80 character feedback message limit.

The Feedback editor has an Auto Find feature. As the user types characters in the feedback message field Cricket Jr will find a matching message. As soon as the correct message is displayed the user can stop typing or keep typing to create a new custom message. The user can also just click the down arrow button and select a message the old fashioned way.

  • Synchronize your Clock

    You have to know Exactly when an auction will end if you are going to snipe, so Cricket Jr uses an Atomic Clock to synch with AND compares this time to Ebay time adjusting the time to Snipe as needed!
  • Sleep Easy Mode

    If you want to win auctions that occur while you are at work, asleep, or on vacation, or just taking care of the 10,000 things on your to-do list, you can Sleep Easy knowing that your bid will be placed, just in time for a win!
  • User Configurable Options

    The Cricket Jr user has a lot of control over how the program behaves via a detailed Program Settings feature. Note that Cricket Jr provides for two Snipers!
  • Help File

    Helping you be successful with the program is a high priority!
  • Support2

    Can't find what you are looking for in theHELP menu? One button click to go straight to the Web Site Support page or click to send a Tech support email!
  • Adult Auctions

    The program can Snipe adult auctions.

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