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Controls are written in VB 6 SP 5

All prices are in US Dollars (USD).

Control Name Part# Control
Part# Source &
eStrobe eStrobeR 19.99 eStrobeS 149.00
eDropShadow eDropShadowR 29.99 eDropShadowS 214.99
ezSignInEbay* ezSignIn 249.99 ezSignIn 689.99

*ezSignIn Control price is $49 plus $200 annual maintenance fee. The maintenance fee covers changes that websites make without notice that need to be fixed.


eStrobe provides for an easy way to add an animated strobe or flashing light into your program. Major features include five color choices, two strobe styles with a built-in Alarm that includes a sound effect feature. Strobes can be used to add glitz to your program, bring visual attention of an event to the user or signify the program is at a certain state.



eDropShadow provides for an easy way to add a drop shadow label and/or picture to your project. eDropShadow comes with two controls one each for a label or picture. Major features include Control Styles, Hyper-Link, Hover and Hilite, MouseOver and MouseOff events. Both controls provide for database binding via the ADO Data control. (NOT DAO). Binding to a database provides a way to create better looking reports including databases that store graphics! DropShadows can be used to add glitz to your program, provide for a more professional appearance and bring visual attention to your forms.



ezSignInEbay takes all the fuss and stress out of signing into eBay! This multi featured powerful active x control will save you nothing but time. This is a time tested control with classes used in my CJ 3x program for almost 9 years now. I've bundled everything a programmer needs for signing into eBay at their different hierarchal levels, from basic signing in to viewing adult (mature audience) auctions. This control has a $200 annual maintenance fee. The price above includes the first year fee in advance. Other popular online auction site sign in abilities will provided as time goes on.


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