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Open Beta means that the beta is open to programmers to try out. Closed Beta means I am using selected programmers to get the control ready for an open beta.

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eCurrencyConverter is a dynamic Currency Converter that provides for a dual interface. A dual interface is defined as an interface that can be presented to an end user to use directly or the programmer can use the control simply to do calculations needed for their program. Your can program the calculator to the end user or simply access the algorithms and never display the calculator. Major features include live update of current exchange rates via the web. A fully featured commercial grade calculator with calculate mode or convert mode. End user can switch with a button click between converting one currency to another.

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ezSignInEbay is an active x control that will allow any programmer to easily sign into eBay. This control can GET, POST, Sign in to Adult (Mature Audience), MyEbay, FeedBack and retrieve email addresses. The code used to write this control is battlefield tested in my own programs. Purchasers of this Active X control receive lifetime updates to the control if eBay makes a change with their sign in feature. If you write program's that interface with eBay or are wanting to, this control will save you days and days perhaps weeks of aggravation learning to sign into the website of a 1000 sign ins!

You are assured of a quality fast update because I use this same code in Cricket 3x. Designed to work with VB 6 MSINET.OCX. The control manages cookie state, request and response headers and auto detects a sign in request from eBay and much more! Mabry's HTTPx is a popular HTTP component used in programs that interface with eBay. Later I will provide this same control to work with HTTPx.

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