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Got a great idea for an Ebay utility that others might want also? I get emails every week asking about this or that or wouldn't it be nice and cool if Cricket could... Well to be honest I just cannot do it all! You can become a part of the Cricket Team by developing something that can improve or enhance Cricket and use my Cricket Plug-In to save you weeks and months of developing a wheel that has already been developed. Cricket already does a lot of what you need to learn so if you are accepted into the Developer Plug-In Program you have at your disposal:

  • The Custom Cricket Dialer complete with Firewall and Proxy abilities
  • Ebay Sign In Capabilities including SSL
  • The ability to GET and POST to any Ebay page as needed for your program to work
  • A large Cricket Software user base to which you can offer to sell your program as a plug-in to Cricket 4x.
  • Your program can be marketed on this site and you keep 100% of the proceeds
  • Your program can be sold on Ebay via Chris Eccles Cricket's Ebay Distributor (cricketkeeper) for a small commission or for a small fee, Chris can help you with AD design and is pretty darn good in the graphics department.
  • You work for yourself, not me so your time is your own and you will get out of this whatever you put into it.
  • The Cricket Team has a large group of devoted Beta Testers at your disposal.

In a nutshell here is how the Developer Plug-In Program works:

I provide access to a part of the Cricket 4x Deluxe interface via a VB dll that you can tap into and get Cricket to do jobs you need done. Cricket passes data back to you as needed and your program does its stuff. You create an installation program complete with time limited demo capabilities or you can offer a pure Shareware type application. The customer downloads and installs your product. If the customer likes what you have to offer they purchase your program via your site/order form. You are responsible for maintaining your program and any tech support your program may require. I am responsible for maintaining the part of Cricket that does the down and dirty work for your program.

I believe this is the beginning of more great things to come for Cricket and you can be a part of it. As an example I developed a little test plug-in called AucEggTimer

AucEggTimer has one simple little job. It sits on a desktop and just monitors an auction until it ends. AucEggTimer uses my plug-in dll to get all the data it needs from Ebay. Cricket retrieves the data from Ebay via a GET request and passes the raw data back to AucEggTimer. AucEggTimer took the data returned to it by Cricket and displays the data. AucEggTimer hasn't a clue how to interface with Ebay or retrieve the data. It doesn't need to because all it needed was have Cricket get the XX item page from Ebay. Because Cricket already knows how to get any piece of information from an Ebay Item page AucEggTimer just took the data and did what it needed to do with it.

This is a new concept and I have just the beginnings of the Plug-In developed. What is needed now are some programmers that have a good idea and want to become a part of the new kind of Ebay program as a licensed Cricket Plug-In Software Developer.

License Fee: (All fees are USD)

$300 one time sign up fee. $100 per year renewal fee and a one time $100 fee for each program you develop that will interface with Cricket. Cricket 4x is written in VB6 SP 5.

If you create a great utility, you can expect to sell upwards of 100's and even 1000's of your utility. You can expect anywhere from $10 to whatever the market will bear for your Ebay Utility. The fees quoted above are CHEAP and you can easily make 10 or 100x $$ more with the right utility you program. For more information about the Cricket Developer Plug-In Program drop me an email about yourself and your programming experience. You do not need to be an advanced programmer but you will need to make a commitment to your project. Cricket Customers are used to getting a top notch product, service and support and I'll want to make sure you can make that kind of commitment yourself. This is a new program and just getting started. The Plug-In will need some more work and together we can make it a killer feature.

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