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We would like to know how you feel!

Please take a moment to review our surveys and participate

Our surveys are designed to increase our awareness to how you feel about our current products and products we are designing. We are asking for your help. We will use the results to understand you better, improve our marketing and to improve our product.

You will benefit from the results because your input helps to create the software program you want to own. As we update our programs we will put the findings into action. Unless otherwise stated at the beginning of the survey, our survey results will be confidential and anonymous. Giving your first name is optional. None of your answers will be linked to you in any way.

Do you have an eBay related Poll or Survey that you would like put onto this page? We will put your poll or survey on this site for a nominal $15 set up fee and host your poll for $5 per month. Contact Sales for more information.

After much research into bang for your buck performance we decided upon and use Mojo Poll. CricketSniper.com highly recommends their product.


Target Your Ebay Bid Amount

Is last second bidding or "Sniping" all you need to know about winning more Ebay auctions?

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