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Important New Cricket Feature!- Double Back Up Snipe Bids

An Insurance Plan For Sniping

What? Yep.. an insurance plan.

Over one year of testing has revealed that with the Cricket Double Back Up feature the chances of losing a mission critical Snipe to a program malfunction is 0

The big donut
Won't happen.

Before we go on, lets define, Insurance Policy, Mission Critical, Program Malfunction and a Snipe failure.

Insurance Policy

In this case a figure of speech. This is not a real insurance policy. Defined in this context insurance policy means that there is something being provided to you to insure that if two programs are backing each other up. Ultimately with bid Sniping, the only way you can win is to be the highest bidder.

Mission Critical

Think about all the software on your computer.. What is the worse that can happen if one of your programs malfunction for whatever reason? You lose some data if the program was like a word processor, spread sheet program etc. Most of the aforementioned programs have auto save feature so a sudden power outage or crash means the data you lose is usually minimal.

So, do you have any software programs on your computer that if there was a sudden malfunction, it could viewed by you as the end of the world? Probably not.

Now, looking at Snipe software a sudden malfunction for whatever reason could prove disastrous. Why? Because, you are instructing a software program to submit a bid with about 10 seconds or less in the auction. You give it a mission and it is critical that the mission is completed within the time parameters given it. Thus Snipe software is a mission critical program. If something goes awry, the mission will fail.

Program Malfunction

Any program can malfunction due to a bug or user input error. Trust me on this one. All programs have bugs lurking about someplace and users do make mistakes. To minimize the chances that programs do not malfunction the developers spend countless hours debugging them and in the case of a mission critical program, spend a lot of time looking for ways to bullet proof the program so that a user can't screw up the mission. So, a program malfunction means that something within the program malfunctioned.

Snipe Failure

A Snipe can fail because your bid was not adequate. This is not part of the definition of a Snipe failure. An adequate bid is defined as you not bidding enough to win the auction!

Snipe failures are defined as those failures because of issues with your computer, your ISP, your computer's dialer, your broadband connection, routing issues on the Internet, eBay server malfunctions or eBay mission critical changes to their site etc. The good news is, the chances of any of the above happening are very small however, sniping can be likened to riding a motorcycle for any length of time. The question is not IF you will someday fall down, but the question rather is, when are you going to fall down? Put enough miles on a motorcycle an someday you are going to fall down. Do enough Sniping and someday a Snipe is going to fail.

If you have not figured out yet from the reading the above, it really isn't the program that fails in over 99% of the cases but rather it is something that the program is depending on that causes the program to fail. This is true whether we are talking about a Snipe software program that resides on your computer or web based Snipe service!

The Numbers

From about January 2003 to November 2003 or 11 months. Cricket testers that tested the Double Bid Back up feature reported about a dozen failures. It was about 50/50 with the Cricket and with the Snipe Service. In 100% of those cases two were total failures. A total failure means both programs failed. However the truth is, neither program  failed in those two cases but rather there was a problem on eBay's end that caused eBay to not process the bid - as reported on their announcement board.

Update: From November 2003 to December 31, 2005 there have been no reports of a Snipe loss over when the bid was high enough to win using the Double Bid Back Up feature.

In every other case if one or the other program failed for whatever reason, one of the programs DID NOT fail and saved the day. The final tally was, zero snipe failures as a result of a program malfunction and zero Snipe failures as defined above, EXCEPT for two instances where eBay themselves malfunctioned. In these two isolated cases not even a manual Snipe with a browser had a chance to win.

How does it work?

Cricket interfaces with the second oldest Snipe software developer on planet earth. In this case a Web Snipe service. When it comes time to place your bid both programs submit your bid for you. The earliest one in gets credit for the bid. As of this writing eBay is coughing up reset errors at Snipe time to some web Snipe services. Our web Snipe service is submitting two bids, one second apart from each other. That means as of this writing THREE bids are being submitted for those using the Double Bid Back Up feature.

You can set a Snipe with Cricket, with the Service or with both. Using both offers the Double Bid Back Up feature.

What are the benefits?

You lose the capacity to be angry or frustrated because something you wanted quite badly got away from you because of a malfunction. This malfunction can occur with either the program or the service. If you are reselling merchandise you purchase on eBay, the zero failure factor insures that the financial gain you expected has a chance of occurring.

If you just found that 1:1000 collectible item you have been searching for for years, the zero failure factor means that if you bid enough, that item is coming home where it belongs! If you are bidding on that special gift for somebody, the zero failure facture means that somebody is not going to be denied the gift as long as you bid enough.

The Cost

I am able to offer you an incredible 30% discount to interface your paid Cricket Power Sniper with a web based Snipe service beyond the $5.00 trial offer! Included with the service; no points or percentages for winning bids.

Web Snipe Service Normal Price
See For Yourself
Price For Paid Cricket User
$5.00 for 2 weeks $5.00 for 2 weeks 
$49.00 for 6 months  $37.00 for 6 months 
$99.00 for 12 months $76.00 for 12 months 

It is time to DEAL!

Beginning with today, February 14, 2004 I am able to offer you an incredible SNIPE SOFTWARE PACKAGE DEAL!

Original Price without discounts:

Cricket and Snipe Service 1 year subscription regular price: $123.99

$24.99 for Cricket
$99.00 for Snipe Service

With Discounts:

Cricket Double Bid Back Up Special price: $74.99

$20.53 for Cricket
$54.46 for Snipe Service

The Cricket Double Special price includes Cricket Sniper, the oldest and most powerful Sniper program to date and a one year unlimited Snipe service subscription. This is a cannot lose combination!

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