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Krause Publications SuperSeller - 2/11/2002

Three Charged in Alleged Ebay Glass Bidding Scheme

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Main Screen

You will notice on the main screen there are three check boxes labeled FB Check, Shill Check and Given. Shill Bidding is the practice of bidding on your own or an associates auction to bump the price up. The scam artist may create a fake identity(s) to do this or simply have a friend or two "helping out". The end result is the winning bidder being cheated! You can control to what extent you wish to investigate a seller (or bidder in the case of a FB Check)

Quick Stats

Quick Stats show this seller gave 29 feedbacks. Of these 29, 21 were negative. This kind of quick information is what makes Safe2Bid so important.

Live Links

Links are live in the Safe2Bid feedback windows. This means you can easily follow them without distraction. 


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