Cricket Quick Start Guide

This guide is designed to get you up and running quickly. Please, if you have any questions or difficulties click the Support FAQ link in the program's Help Menu. Many issues have been addressed already, so you will most likely find that you can help yourself faster rather than wait for emails to be passed back and forth to the developer

That said, let’s begin!

Once the program is installed and running you'll see the Main screen. You can think of this as the Command Center. Open your browser to an Ebay auction. The first thing you'll need to do is enter the auction number ( without the # sign ) or copy/paste it into the field labeled Auc. Number (Schedule New Snipe). This can be just a test or the real deal at this point. Pressing the New button commands Cricket Jr to gather the auction's information. You can see this by looking at the lower left corner of the program. (status label). While CJ is retrieving auction data it will synchronize your clock with an Atomic Time Server and then compare this time to what Ebay calls their Official Time. CJ will launch a window for you to view this.

Now that Cricket Jr has filled in the particulars, its time to set your Safety Margin. That is the amount of time till the End of Auction that Cricket Jr will submit your bid. When counting down the Snipe, CJ will add and subtract from your default Safety Margin as needed .Generally, a 20 second Safety Margin will submit your bid to Ebay within 15-18 seconds of auction close. You don't want to forget to enter your Maximum Bid so now is the time to be thinking about how much you are willing to pay for an item you want to bid on. Remember now... you only get one shot at winning so make sure that your maximum bid is really the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for your item. When entering your bid amount, bid in the currency used by the auction listing and be sure to use a decimal point.

You are now ready to set the snipe (Don't worry! You can abort the snipe at any time after this ) Click the Set Snipe button.

Ok your work is done and CJ will handle things from here. The screen you see now is the Snipe Screen. You can minimize the screen by clicking on the - (minus sign). Look at the task tray and you will see a bullseye. Double clicking the icon will bring the window back. Holding your mouse over the icon will reveal how much time is left. Cricket Jr will keep track of the Auction End time, when you reach T minus your default count down time, CJ will log you on to your ISP if not connected already and will confirm your bid. For the duration of the count down period, CJ will monitor transmission times and the current bid stats. CJ will also monitor the bidding server time to make sure the Ebay server hasn't gone too far off from Atomic Time. At T minus 2 minutes, CJ begins to perform a Pre Snipe Check.

To set a fake snipe

To perform a test or "fake" snipe, find an auction closing within about 15 - 20 minutes. A search for Glass will provide a thousand and one candidates. Enter the auction number in the Main screen (gray one) where it say's 1. Schedule New Snipe then click the New button.

After CJ gathers the auction information for you, enter a valid bid amount in the field that say's 5. Snipe Data (be sure to correctly place the decimal point). Next click Set Snipe. A new screen will appear (the Snipe Screen). When the auction end reaches the 10 minute mark, CJ will "Confirm the Snipe". After this has occurred, double click your bid amount ( upper left of the screen ). Change your bid to an invalid amount, one that is less than the minimum bid required. After a moment, CJ will begin warning you of a problem but that's ok, we don't want to win rather we wish to observe that the program will submit the bid with out problems.

You can also test to see that CJ will correctly dial up your ISP by closing the program after setting the initial bid amount then log off the Internet. Be sure to choose Save Snipe when prompted. After the program closes, reopen it and watch for it to dial up when it reaches that 10 minute "time to confirm" mark. Its always a good idea that when the time comes for CJ to perform, your computer should be fairly freshly rebooted with a minimum number of other programs running in the background. This will help your Cricket by freeing up system resources.

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