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Broken Sluggish Auction Sniping Power Computer

When it comes to sniping auctions with power sniping eBay auction software, your home computer is no less dependable  then a mega buck server run auction snipe program. It can execute without problems one snipe after another, over and over again without troubles. My Cricket does and it has for years. I've never had 1/50th the problems that some of our customers have.

I got on the NET in 1994. I didn't own a virus software program until the year 2000. I never had a virus until that year. I've never unleashed a virus onto my computer personally. As we approached the year 2000, more and more viruses would get downloaded in email as attachments and I just deleted them. I used one email address in all that time until I moved to Idaho from California. I had very little spam overall with that one email address. A few years ago I installed my first firewall program. Last year I got my first pop up stopper. For the last couple of years I started running the free copy of Adaware to clean a few things that strayed onto my hard drive and remove ad ware.

The email addresses have been around for some years now. My current personal email address I have had for nearly four years. Yes I get spam and I find it very irritating. I get about 15 or 20 a day now. During a few popular email virus out breaks I have had up to hundred or more in a day. Over 90% of those emails I received during those email virus outbreaks had our customer's email address as the sender and some reference to cricket support. I made up a form reply email notifying them of the virus they sent me.

Yes, the NET has gone from a fun and mostly peaceful place, a flame here and there to the most infiltrated commercial mess I have ever laid my eyes on. If this country ever gets its criminal act together in the Internet department we could release half the non violent prison population and put spammers and virus programmers in their place. Then we would truly be living in a safer, and if not safer certainly a less annoying world.

Now hear this: You want to live a happier NET life?

Stop downloading and make other people that use your computer stop downloading all that cutesy free crap you find all over the NET. There is very little free on the NET these days. If it isn't costing you money, it's a gimmick of some sort designed to eventually get you to spend some money. All this crap you or your kids download for frees is a good possible source of your grief. Every time somebody sticks an email address into some website form at your house and it's not stated implicitly that your email address will not be sold, traded or given away period is going to contribute to your grief eventually. What about those free card and similar websites? Monster email gathering machines is all they are. I wanted to slap my own mother when she put my email address into one of those forms and sent me an Internet birthday card. Listen carefully now. If a "refer this to a friend" is not loading up your personal email program to send your great discovery to your friend and that email is being sent to a website, you are making spam for your friend. Shame on you if you ever do it again after reading this. If you must put your own email address into every web form you come across, get a special email address just for that purpose. When your spam gets up to 500 a day, you can change the spam inviting email address and start over again with a new spam address. In your email program filter the spam inviting email address to special mailbox.
Why am I bringing this up? Because my worst perplexing technical support issues have one thing in common. There are a lot of the computer issues being talked about too.

Are you a free program-downloading addict? This is how you are probably getting spy, mal, ad ware and every other invisible malady you can imagine onto your computer. If not from a reputable site, do a Google search on what you are considering downloading. Use some other key words like spyware, malware, adware etc. If somebody has had a problem with what you are considering downloading it will be posted someplace.

Here is a good rule to follow. You ever find yourself on a website with flashing everything and pop ups jumping right out of your monitor? Or is your pop up stopper making popping noises like pop corn and the pop up counter spinning like a time machine's year gauge? RUN away from this website. After you safely distance yourself, beg your computer for forgiveness then go wash your hands. There is nothing there for you except an assault.

Adult websites are notorious for secretly downloading all kinds of vicious things as are sites offering you free cracks and serial numbers to programs you do not want to pay for.

If children are allowed to use the computer on the NET freely, quit believing that most are smart about the computer. Most smart ones actually know nothing about the pitfalls that criss-cross the NET with the gimmicks and freebie offers. Their computer smartness most of the time translates into just smart enough to get your computer into constant trouble with their downloads. Operating a computer and knowing how to get around programs does not make for a smart computer operator anymore. The smart computer operator knows how to keep themselves away from grief and their computer out of trouble.

I do not trust any child from the age of 8 to 18 or any adult from 18 to 50 alone for long on my computer unless they can name 10 presidents and their vice presidents, play a fair game of chess, program a bit or build a website and then only if they can take a computer apart and put it back together in a few hours. The only exception to the rule is, if a young or older person has a family computer at home and it runs trouble free all the time, I'll let them on my computer. All the rest are dangerous and if given enough unsupervised time they will bring heartache and computer fixing grief.

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