Cricket Power Sniper Installation

With some older operating systems for example a recent reinstall of Windows 98 that does not include all the Microsoft Updates, Service Paks and the latest IE Browser, the Cricket Installer may balk and have trouble with updating some files. The only solution to the problem is to update your Windows Operating system on the Microsoft Site then install Cricket again. Installing the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser will help a lot.When installing Cricket you may be prompted about Cricket replacing an older file when compared to one of your newer ones. It is a feature of the installer that allows for this choice. If prompted, choose to keep your newer file.

To Install Cricket Jr

    1. When the file has completed downloading, right click on the Windows "Start" button, and select RUN.
    2. Click the Browse button.
    3. Locate your C: drive (or other drive you may have downloaded to) and the folder where you saved the file. Open the folder.
    4. Double click on the program's .exe file.
    5. The file you downloaded is a Winzip compressed auto execution file. Double click the file to decompress the download and run the Cricket Set Up Application.

    6. Click OK
    7. On the next screen click the Setup button

    1. The Winzip executable will decompress the files and launch the Set Up Application. Note the instructions in the Cricket program Setup window.

    2. The Setup program is very touchy about programs being opened when installing. You may receive a sharing access violation with a couple of the Cricket program files. You can safely click Ignore and continue with the install. To help prevent receiving a sharing access violation message. Close all programs running in the back ground before installing.
    3. To do this, bring up your Task Manager window (CTRL-ALT-DELETE one time) click End Task on all programs except Explorer and Systray.
    4. On the Cricket Setup window, click "OK." The next screen (not shown) will prompt you for a location on your hard drive to install the program to. Unless you have a reason to not install to the default location, click the big square box on the left upper area of the screen to begin the installation and set up.

    5. When the installation is complete you may be prompted to restart Windows. The Winzip extractor will delete the temporary files that were decompressed  from the download. 
    6. OK... you are ready to run the Cricket program for the first time. You will find the program by clicking START then PROGRAMS.

Cricket Jr Installation Only

When the Cricket Jr program runs for the first time a Snipe Set Up Wizard will run to assist you with setting up the program to Snipe. There are two important features that must be set up correctly.

  • Personal Information (for use with Ebay)
  • Dialing Method (how CJ will connect to the Internet)

Which Program did you install?

Cricket Jr     Safe2Bid    Cricket Multi Browser

Cricket Jr

    1. Open up Cricket Jr. You will find the program by clicking START then PROGRAMS. Open it up! You will be presented with the Cricket Jr License agreement. Note that Registering for the program is a requirement in the License if you plan on continuing to use the program.
    2. The Cricket Jr Setup Wizard will load. The Wizard will get you set up for Sniping right away. However, the Wizard does not set up all of the possible program options available to you

The Setup Wizard will also explain some exclusive Cricket Jr features that will make setting up Snipes a piece of cake. When the program loads, orient yourself with the interface, click on the menu buttons etc. Whenever you have the program retrieve auction data in preparation for setting up a Snipe, the program synchs your clock, compares the synch to Ebay time (+-1 second accuracy) and looks to see if there is a recent message from the developer on this site.

Below is one of the most important features of the program:

help1.gif (8093 bytes)
If you get lost or have problems, click Help. To assist you in orienting yourself with the program I strongly recommend you read the Help file.... err.. at least read it when all else fails!

help2.gif (8008 bytes)

Because Cricket Jr interfaces with Ebay, the program will need an update in the event Ebay were to change something on their system that could affect one or more of the programs features. To assist you in this area, I have provided an special Update Program that you can use to check for messages and updates. If an update is needed, the Update program will make the download for you. The Message button retrieves archived messages from the Developer.

updtr.gif (8046 bytes)

End of Cricket Jr install help....

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