Microsoft Internet Explorer

    1. After clicking the Download Link your browser will present a window called File Download. Choose "Save this program to disk."

    2. Click OK.
    3. When the "Save As" screen appears, choose a convenient location on your hard drive (C:). I suggest you make a download folder on one of your drives to place downloaded files into. folder. Please note the location where you save the file. AOL users will note that the America Online folder has a download sub folder. The programs are too large to download to a floppy diskette.

    4. Click "Save".
    5. At this point, the file a (Cricket program exe) will begin downloading as indicated by the blue meter in the "Saving Location" window. This process should take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your connection speed.

    6. Ok... begin by clicking the download link for the program you wish to obtain.

      Download Cricket Jr Full Version

    7. Download Safe2Bid Full Version Download

      Cricket Multi Browser Full Version

    8. Refer to the above instructions 1 through 5 to begin download.
    9. While the download is in progress, Continue with Instructions to learn how to install Cricket Jr.

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