Registering Cricket Jr and Safe2Bid

Registration codes are based on a "System ID" number created by the cricketsniper program. To have the software automatically provide the required information, click Help > Registration > Register.

If the program cannot open your email such as AOL, simply send the System ID number from the registration window, your first and last name and purchase information to Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your registration code.

Registration FAQ

What does the "System ID" number look like and where do I find it?

The System ID number is found on the registration window. Open the program and click Help > Registration > Register. A typical  System ID number is shown below in the first field.

The System ID number the program shows me is different from the one I received with my registration code.

If the System ID number you receive with your registration code does not match the one the program is showing you - number for number - you need to request a new registration code. Be sure to include the Sys. ID that should be used to create your registration code. An updated code will be sent to you via email.

The program does not accept the registration code sent to me.

Registration codes are created using a mathematical algorithm. There are 3 typical solutions to a failed registration. In 99.99% of cases, one or more of the solutions below solves the problem. For best results (and the least frustration), check each point below in the order listed.

  1. System ID numbers that no longer match

    . No matter what you do, if the System ID's do not match number for number nothing will help so this should be the first thing you verify.
  2. Certain letters have a habit of masquerading as others.

    Be careful about capitol i (I) and small L's (l); Capitol Letter O and number 0. I recommend you copy the code from the registration email then paste into the registration window.
  3. Inadvertent spaces when Copy/Pasting the registration code

    . Although we do not see blank spaces, your software does so if any are present your registration will fail. To correct this, place your mouse at the end of each registration field (the box where the information goes) then click to place the blinking cursor in the field. If it does not rest right up against the last digit or character, use your backspace key to move it until it does. Repeat this procedure with each of the registration fields.

If you have followed all the procedures below and your registration still does not work, request a new code using an alternate name.

How do I "Copy/Paste"?

Copy/Pasting allows you to copy text, graphics etc... from one location to another, even from one program or window to another. To see how this works, open a program like Windows Notepad or WordPad (Start > Programs > Accessories). Next, position your mouse cursor at the beginning or end some text on this web page then "click and hold down" the left mouse button. Now drag the cursor to the right or left and you should be highlighting the text. When you've highlighted the text you wish to copy, let go of the left mouse button then with the cursor over the highlight, click the right mouse button. You should now see a "pop up" menu where you now choose "Copy".

The highlighted information is now being temporarily stored in a space on you computers Hard Drive called the "Clip Board". You can now place the text just about anywhere on your computer. To see how this works, go to the Notepad or WordPad program and Right click to bring up that pop up window. This time choose Paste. The text you highlighted now appears in the new location. 

Now that you have learned to Copy/Paste, make sure that you remove any blank spaces from the registration information as described above.

Can I register more than one computer with the same registration code?

Registration codes are computer specific. Additional licenses are offered at discounted prices for additional purchases.

I bought a new computer or I have reformatted my current computer and now registration fails.

Reformatting your computer wipes your hard drive clean so you will need to request a new registration code using the procedures described above. The same holds true when you wish to transfer your cricket software to a new computer. There are no charges involved.

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