Cricket Jr Testimonials 2

Hi Dave,

Received the Cricket Jr. today.  Thanks a million!  This is great stuff.  It far outshines my old snipe software.  I left well earned positive feedback for you.

Thanks again!


I just had to write to you to let you know how great Cricket Jr.. is. I've seen your program offered but didn't think that it would work the way you claimed it would. Finally, after being outbid in the closing seconds while I was at work or asleep, I decided to try Cricket Jr.. With your guarantee, what did I have to lose?

Attached is my second attempt at using Cricket Jr..'s Auto Snipe feature (On the first attempt, I won with 5 seconds left on the clock). This bid took place while I was asleep, and Cricket Jr.. preformed like a champ! Needless to say, you have a fan for life!

I can hardly wait until version 3.0 is released. Can you give me a list of new features and will it be possible to set up an auto spine days in advance?



nstalled program last night...Dave, your cool program kept me up all
night! <<grin>> Will enjoy learning to use it over the next little
while. Positive feedback left.


Thanks, Dave.

You're a champ! Your program is quite a labor of love too... lots and lots of work and time went into this one. I appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.



Other than the fact than Cricket can punch in a "snipe" just incredibly well, my best use of it enables me to overcome the difficulties associated with Parkinson's tremor which would render most auctions impossible.

It's nice to be able, well in advance of an end time, to take my time carefully entering data and then just sit back and let Cricket do its thing. Really a nice piece of work!

I had some exchange with eBay this AM...and have to say they skirt issues rather well. [Ebay issue arose]

I'm impressed enough that I'll wade through your site and find a way to force money upon you, now, rather than wait the 14 daze. Oh, and by the way, I tend under such circumstances to effect a kind of hysterical tone;

I'm actually a quite calm and reasoning person, but it can sometimes be quite effective. Have a great Easter!


I just finished downloading, and setting up the The BUG 3.0 :-).  I must say you have done a masterful job on this one.   Not that the others weren't but, this was a breeze to set up, now all I have to do is try it out.
Regards E.

Subject: Re: Cricket Jr vs. Ebay's New Security Feature

Thanks for your prompt attention to my problem. Should you ever plan on
running for Congress, rest assured you have my vote!
Miles of smiles,
So...I'm not making any friends out there but I'm winning snipes by god..Cheers!

I am very impressed with your programming style (almost German quality -))) and like the details very much. Way to go !!!

I am a programer myself, so I know what I am saying when I say, NICE JOB on this program.

This thing rocks and with all the uncertaies you have to deal with regarding auctions, the darn thing actually works WELL. Congrats on this great accomplishment!!!!!!!!!

Thanx Sir Dave!

Hi Dave:
Thanks for your recent email.  I have to say you provide the absolute best followup and sincere product updates of anyone I have encountered in this industry. You are the BEST and please do not change! I am using the Cricker Jr. with Ebay 4 to 5 times per week. I am using Windows 95 and the 4.0 version of AOL. I mostly use the Doubles option for Cricket Jr. In this way I can monitor the last minute bids on one screen and stand ready at the BID button on the other. It works very well in this fashion and I have not lost an auction when using the Doubles option.  It works every time. I am a very pleased user of Cricket Jr. Don't you dare remove me from your update list as I think your product support and followup are unequaled in the industry and I continue to be amazed at your conscientious efforts to TOTALLY; back your offspring.  THE CRICKET LIVES!!!!!!
Keep up the good work and I send my very best regards,

(this guy made it into my Will!)

Hi, Dave

I received my Cricket Jr. three days ago. The instalation was easy. Now I'm learning to use it. Congratulations. The program has a good interface, is very well programed and (harder) is portable. Congratulations!

I left a feedback for you on Ebay.


>Below is in reply to a question I asked this Sniper. Both emails are included.

First bid $18 - Never say die bid $21.99 - Winning amount $21.71 Without
Never Say Die I would not have had time to make the second bid.

Dave Eccles wrote:
> So what did it cost you to never say die?
> Dave
> At 07:22 PM 8/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >Dave,
> >Thanks for the positive feedback. I have done the same for you.
> >Just won another auction a few minutes ago. I used Never Say Die and
> >wouldn't have won without it.
> >Regards,
> >R.

David: Thank you for your prompt and thorough analysis of what happened.

I have won several things on eBay since I started using your program, and I know they were things I might not have won without the program, and I'm also sure that it saved me some money along the way and has already paid for itself. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Best wishes,

Registration went fine, tried the program, and won an item right at the wire!
As a programmer myself (microcontroller code for embedded systems), it's a fine program!

Dave, I am a programmer and relatively new to eBAY. I love your program and your no nonsense approach to it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled last night. All seems to be well. Thanks again for your help. Your attention to individuals is exceptional. Keep up the great work.

...I've made a simply Dredgous Discovery. If I use Cricket to snipe, I win. If I don't, I don't. It's a great program.

Best, M in Maryland

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