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Hi Dave,

Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with the Auto-Snipe feature of Cricket Jr. With just a little tweeking to match ebay time the process was flawless. I won all three snipes just a few minutes apart first time out. It just more than paid for itself.

thank you,



Just to let you know, my 12 second snipes came in with 7 seconds left on the clock! I got two items while I was not home, that I most likely would not have gotten had I placed the bid before leaving.

Thanks again for all your help!

S. D.

I couldn't wait for the Auction to end so I downloaded a copy from the net and have been using the program with great success. I've won some great things with the program that I otherwise wouldn't have had a chance I don't think of getting a bid in that would have won. Great program, would recommend it to anyone that wants to be first in the bidding Wars.

Thanks A.
Busy is good? (I hope) Gotta tell you that I feel "naked" without having Cricket Jr ready to go to work for me! It has saved me MANY times its purchase price! AND the online support is terrific! Thanks!!!
Here is the blue resistration number xxx.
Thank you very much for your wonderful product.
Please rush me my registration number!... )
Best wishes,

Thanks Dave,

I just used Sharpshooter and got my first Snipe with 2 seconds to go!! This is great!


I had a successful snipe a day or two a go... <link deleted to protect identity> even let it dial up for me while I was sleeping... I had the bid on this all week but thought some one might come in at the end which did happen but C.J. busted his <deletive> sent him home thinking I'll bet (check the bid history) and only wish I could have said to him.."And even while I was sound asleep sucker" thats great...what a program...hats off to you Dave again.

OH more thing....I sniped a totem the other night.. <link deleted to protect identity> and not two minutes after I won I got this message..."was I sniped?" from the high bidder I snatched it from... well.. take a look at who that was.... if I recall was the same girl that lost that other totem that I had you snipe for me...

On 7/4/98 4:07 PM Dave Eccles wrote:
Just following up. Everything OK?


Yes, everything is great. I used it to snipe an item in the last 2 seconds! Also, though, I lost an item because I hadn't verified my bid and had typed something wrong, apparently, and, when I bid at the last moment, it didn't go through. Live and learn!

Great job!

Note: With the new Cricket Jr 3.0 this mistake cannot be made! With Ebay's new Bid procedure, this will happen to Snipers over and over again when using Ebay's bid form to Snipe.

Subject: Re: Cricket Jr Upgrade

Dave. The way you follow up with individual customers is unbelievable. Everything seems to work fine. Thank you again!! I have no reservations about recommending you to anyone. As an attorney I can attest to the fact that your kind of people are rare indeed in this day and age. You are an inspiration! All of my best to you.


Hello David,
I LOVE this program so much that I was becoming dependant on it to do all of my bidding. LOL that when the trial period went out I was pulling my hair out! Now I can win some auctions today! Thanks a bunch.

DAVE I'm presently able to use cricket effectively... Last night it "stole" won me two items on e-bay, that i wouldnt have got without it. It actually smoked 3 other snipers bidding on the same items."almost like NAM ","3 shots then-move.
The program's effectiveness is deadly. That is why I am so persistant. I am sure the problems that I have are on my system, and not the software itself.
Feel free to use any of my (positive) comments in the "satisfied customers" column for CrJr, For it really puts the others to shame. Even after all the troubles that I have had >>>still the only "snipe" program [for] me. PAID FOR ITSELF X 100 TIMES.
Thanks D.S.

I'm TRULY loven this software..
One Recommendation - Give the choice to minimize to Task bar only, or Toolbar, both, or none!?
By the way.. I LOVE the fact the Cricket "watch's my back" .. WHOA.. Could have been a SERIOUS problem when I set it to 3600 dollars )
Everything is running PERFECTLY.. haven't run into a single problem since our last commuique..

Hi David,
Thanks for the quick response. Keep up the good work, you developed a great program.
Thanks - J.

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