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Hi Chris
I downloaded the Cricket yesterday because I wanted an auction item that was going go at some stupid middle of the night time and I didn't want to stay up for it. I did not do any fake snipes or dry runs or anything like that. The first run had to be just right. It looked like my clock was not in synch with Ebay but what the hell, that is Cricket's job. Anyway, I woke up this morning and saw my email from Ebay, knowing that I did not have any active bids before I went to bed. Your sniper fired off the bid at exactly the second I asked it to and therefore I got the item I wanted at a fair price. Perfect snipe ! Of course, it helps to have a very fast cable connection so dialing is not part of the equation. I've also got to mention that I think your terminology built in to the
program is very funny, like it's some military mission or something. My hat is off to you !

Chris, WOW, I'm impressed! This thing really works! Smooth installation, flawless execution the very first time. Cricket Jr worked successfully the first auction I tried it on. Ha! I didn't win the auction, but Cricket submitted my bid exactly as planned...I was the last bidder...I just lost out because a previous bidder had a very high max amount. Anyway, looking forward to always using Cricket to place bids. Money well spent. Tim

Hi Chris,
I hope this message gets to you somehow through that great cyberspace in the sky. :-)
This is a VERY LONG overdue note of "thanks" to you for your prompt service & great product! I purchased Cricket Jr from you directly on October 5 and I still have only had a chance to use it once, as my Dad has been seriously ill since last September and I spend a lot of time on the road (either a 7 hour round trip, or a trip to stay a week at a time). Doesn't leave me with much time other than to come home and catch up my backlog of e-mail, orders, things that MUST be done at home, etc. My Dad is 88, my Mom is 84, I'm an only child, they've always been there for me, so now it's my turn to return all those many years of favors. Leaving town again on Tuesday, Dec. 10 ~ ~ don't know for how long this time, a major medical crisis this past week.

I'm sure I'll get into using the program at some point in the future, still haven't even had time to go through all of the help file info. Luckily the one time I used it I just guessed at what to do, there were no other bidders, so that made it easy. It worked great with the snipe being set at 20 seconds! I tried leaving feedback for you through Ebay, what a joke that was!  I didn't purchase it through there, I ordered it from you along with a CD, so I figured that wouldn't work.


Best regards and good wishes for the upcoming holidays!
Anna Mae

Please send it as soon as possible as I done ran out of evaluation time and use it almost every day. Oh yeah, this thing rocks.

This is a really cool program and the only one I ever registered. Keep on jamming. P.F.

I have to tell you how much I really love this program. It has gotten me more things I would have missed other wise. I have been sniped by others using your software and it makes you stop and think, hoow things would be if everyone knew about it. Thanx in advance for your help.

Hi Chris
Thank you very much for your immediate response and assistance. I must say that your customer support is exemplary, and will surely recommend you, and your product to others. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas! Regards,

Hello Dave,
I promise not to bother you anymore about this but have to inform you I just tried your program for the second time, and WON another ancient Roman coin. Your program is GREAT. I can't imagine how much better your "Deluxe" version can be than what you already have, but will be interested in seeing it when finished. Keep up the good work.

Received the snipe program today!
Just ran it for a test and it works great. Impressive setup and layout, thanks and I hope you dont sell too many more of these!>

Well it happened. I lost out on an incredible offer due to a sniper. Now I have to fight fire with fire. I dont ever want to lose again.

I downloaded a version of cricket jr. Love the interface! Awesome stuff.

I'm so stupid. Basically you snipe using a proxy bid at the last minute.... You made this sale by your responsiveness and patience. I like buying based on those qualities! Which site is best for you when purchasing Cricket and will current users of Jr. get a break when PRO is available?
Thanks again...J.T.

We love Cricket. What a rush! AND my wife is finally being successful with her bids on e-bay.
R. & I. P.

Hi Dave
We just used it for the first time and it successfully worked, but didn't meet the reserve. Thank you for designing such easy-to-use software. I'm 13 years old and I did it!

I just got sniped on an auction today. I didn't know what sniping was at the time, but I knew something dirty was afoot when I saw that the winning bid went in at the exact same second that the auction ended! So I did a web search on Ebay bid software, and found your brilliant software, Cricket Jr. I downloaded it and plan to purchase (register) it in a week, after I try it out on a couple auctions.

I set a snipe (it was a breeze!) and got the cool-looking Snipe Screen. How do get the Snipe Screen back, now that I've hit the minimize button? [program goes into task tray]


Hi, David,
I have used Cricket Jr *lots* over the last 14 days or so, and hope you can help me. I have simply waited, foolishly, until the last minute to register my copy, which is going to expire within minutes!... ( Earlier today I sent you my credit card name and number...) However, I have not heard back from you, and ask that you expedite the handling of my request to purchase Cricket Jr.

I am distressed at the thought of losing even one day with Cricket Jr, so again, I respectfully ask that you hurry my registration number, etc., to me!

Hey...Thank you!
You did a GREAT job in answering all my questions ... REALLY! ) ...the more I played with the program...once I figured out how to find the screens... the more I really love it! I told you before I had another snipe program..but it doesn't even compare to this! You really thought of pretty much everything here. Thanks again Dave.... very awesome program you've got here! I applaud your efforts!
Happy programming.... )

HI Dave!
I just sniped two auctions tonight, and won! I got one just by one dollar, thats a little too close for me! I think your program is GREAT. I hope in the future you might develope listing software too! (soon I hope!)

Cricket Jr is really great! I won the first auction I used it on, beating someone else who had sniped at 30 seconds, I sniped at 10. Also used it to 'protect' one of the items I had bid on several days earlier, but wanted to cover it in case someone came in at the end of the auction. (This is the main reason I wanted the software, people kept sniping me after they figured out my max bid.) Cool software, very elegant.
Thanks, A.

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