Cricket Jr Power Sniper Updates

A complete program update is required due to Ebay changes and some big feature changes with Cricket if you have version 3.3.x or less. 

Uninstall Cricket Jr via Control Panel Add/Remove programs then download and install the latest full version if applicable.

You may receive prompts from the install program alerting you to older files in the Cricket program when compared to some file versions in Windows. Click to keep your newer files.

This page is no longer being updated due to Cricket 3.4x having an automatic updater!

Important! - Do not install the New Full Version over the Old. Uninstall an outdated version of Cricket Jr by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

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Revision History

Update To Version 3.3.18

This update addresses some changes in sign ins and eBay Motors. 

With this update a bug was fixed with the previous logic change that caused the program to not recognize a sign in conflict with another User ID.

The update fixes an eBay motors change that requires now a sign in prior to bidding.



Update To Version 3.3.17

This update addresses the new MyEbay and the sign in bug created by some kind of malfunction with eBay. 

New with this update is a logic change that by default will not have the program do a sign in conflict test nore automatically sign a User ID in unless bidding on a mature audience auction. 

Those testers that have been running debug logs are asked to continue doing so with this update. I made several big logic changes to the new engine to make it faster and more reliable.

Update To Version 3.3.16

This update addresses the new MyEbay and resulting changes. Major logic changes were made in the program to speed up performance.

Fixed prompt for debug when snipe initialized and came from roster or a reboot.

Fixed bad title problem prompt when getting auction data over a bad sign in per eBay that said sign in data was invalid.

Revamped auction retrieval logic.

Fixed adult auction changes related to signing in.

Increased Pre-Snipe check to T-3 and will not perform a Pre-Snipe check for snipes set with less then 6 minutes.

Update To Version 3.3.15

This update addresses failed Snipes for those users that signed up for the MyEbay beta. Cricket was not able to determine your signed in status due to MyEbay changes.

Update To Version 3.3.14

Made several fixes to address new Snipe Engine issues. This update addresses a failed snipe after a time out that is picked up by the Pre Snipe check.

The update also addresses a Double Bid Back up feature delete problem while in the Snipe screen.

Update To Version 3.3.13

This update addresses the failed bid confirmation and a logic error with sign in conflicts with some users.

Update To Version 3.3.12

This update continues to address the Cricket Time Out issue with some users.

Update To Version 3.3.11

This update continues to address the Cricket Time Out issue with some users. In addition a couple of bugs were fixed:

1. Made it possible for Cricket to determine if Explorer stops responding and if so terminate the process and recover. A side affect to this if it occurs is that some or all Explorer browsers opened may close. Since Cricket interfaces with Explorer some of the time outs that have been reported have been due to a previous instance of Explorer stopped responding. What Cricket will is no different then you would do if you were to end task on a non responding program.

2. Fixed: A bug that caused Cricket to call an auction over pre-maturely causing it to abort the Snipe. 

3. Fixed: When retrieving auction data some users reported that Cricket said there was a sign in conflict. This turned out to be a bogus call by Cricket.

4. There has been a change on the ebay site. Traditionally after a bid eBay would provide the time left in the auction. For example, 6 seconds. You'll notice in Cricket it says Time Left Undetermined. This is because eBay changed from seconds to saying, less then 0 mins in the auction. The program will continue to look for the seconds left for now because often eBay changes things back. 

5. There has been a change on the site regarding sign in's and this change more then likely caused Cricket to not snipe while signed in and per logs submitted Cricket did Snipe without being signed in. 

The change also causes a new Browser instance that is opened to eBay to not be signed in while another is. This is again the sign in flip flop they have been making since November 2003.

Update To Version 3.3.10

This update addresses two bugs introduced into the program with the last udpate. A looping error with a message box, due to malformed auction data that was saved. An International Currency formatting issue.

This update also addresses consistent timeouts retrieving the auction data for a couple of users.

Update To Version 3.3.9

Beginning with 3.3.4 Cricket has a new Snipe engine. The .9 revision is an ongoing update process while perfecting the new engine..

  • Fixed Runtime error when changing a bid OR abort a Snipe and Bid Robot is activated.

  • Fixed logic error determining initial won/loss stats. The first clean up attempt still cannot determine the auction end per Ebay.

  • Fixed malformed safety margin when synch completed

  • Fixed a logic error with SignInCheck time-out taking no action. Caused PreSnipe Check to catch a missed confirmation and in some cases was a mission critical issue if not enough time existed in the auction to confirm the bid.

  • Fixed Snipe Roster confusion causing CJ to identify wrong auction as active when editing and active Snipe. This Bug had the further effect of erasing a stored snipe in some cases.

  • Fixed midnight cross-over issue with redundant back up confirmation and Snipe timers. The Snipe would fire prior to a completed confirmation causing the Snipe to fail and abort.

  • Added Auto Selection to Roster - When the Roster is loaded now the first auction is selected.

  • Changed bid change buttion default behavior to be OK instead of Cancel. For those that use Enter key to click the button.

  • Added failed Time Synch Alert dialog window to warn of impending snipe doom. If your time server times out when setting up an auction and it has been more then three days since Cricket performed an atomic Synch. You'll be strongly warned to change your time server.

Major Problems Remaining:

  1. In two reported cases Cricket does not close down completely after Sniping and user must End Task on the program.

  2. The less then 10% group is still reporting Consistent to Inconsistent time out problems with the Snipe engine causing the program to never get the bid confirmed prior to Snipe time.

  3. One user is reporting a consistent failed Sign In attempt.

  4. Two users are reporting a consistent eternal time out when retrieving auction data.

    Over 90% of the 200+ testers are still reporting consistent success.

    Group Snipe Update

    I have not been able to make time to work on the feature however, a few are using it and are reporting success. Special NOTE: Do not use Group Snipe if you use Bid Robot also. There is no code to delete after a successful Snipe.

Update To Version 3.3.0 to 3.3.3

This is a full version update from 3.2.35  and introduces the new Cricket Multi Sniper.

Update To Version 3.3.5

This update resolves a few minor bugs that were discovered with 3.3.4.

Update To Version 3.3.4

This update resolves some Ebay changes that caused the program to not be able to determine the current bid, Seller ID and in some cases determine if you won or lost the auction.

The update also resolves some bugs reported with the first release of the 3.3x multi snipe version and this release takes the 3.3x version out of Beta. The Help file was also updated.

There is I believe a large planned change as it applies to Ebay and Sniping programs to which I have begun addressing in this version.

Program Improvements

  1. Improvements were made to the Snipe Roster making it more intuitive.

  2. Improvements were made to the Snipe Log screen. When mousing into auctions Sniped in the list will display the title of the auction in the large text field to the left. When a log is selected, simultaneously the Ebay message will be selected for you in the lower list.

Program Feature Deletions

As the years have gone by some of the features introduced in Cricket have not been used very much. Most of this is because with the advent of better seller programs, sellers are very quickly taking care of business.

  1. The Cricket Email feature has been removed. The primary purpose of this feature was because sellers would often take days to respond to the End Of Auction notice and it was far easier for a CJ user to have the program auto-email a seller at the end of the auction with their shipping information. Today most of this automated by the seller now and the feature in Cricket made for redundancy.

  2. The Cricket Feedback feature has been removed. Ebay has made several ongoing changes to leaving feedback. With the Cricket Safe2Bid program's ability to mass feedback sellers (or bidders) the tasks with maintaining two program that although did the same thing but doing them differently became unmanageable.

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Update To Version 3.3.0 through 3.3.3

This is a beta release of the new Cricket Multi Sniper that also interfaces with a web Snipe service thus introducing double back up bidding.

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Do to recent site upgrade the original revision history above revision .29 was lost.

Update To Version 3.2.32

This patch does not update the Cricket Updater! If you have revision .25 or greater you can use the Cricket Updater to perform the update. If you do not have .25 or greater you need to also update the Cricket Updater.

Proceed to Update Download page

or HERE to use Cricket Jr to update the program

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Update To Version 3.2.29

This revision fixes a major Ebay change that crippled all snipe program's known to me.

It also addresses a parsing problem when regenerating Ebay pages for you to view auction wins or losses. (script error do you want to debug when opening in your browser)

A fix was made so that CJ recognizes BuyIt Now Only auctions (Fixed price)

A few reported an Uh Oh error when program was doing pre snipe test. I found the cause and fixed that also.

Version 3.2.28

This patch does not update the Cricket Updater! If you have revision .25 you can use the Cricket Updater to perform the update. If you do not have .25 or greater you need to also update the Cricket Updater.

This revision fixes an Ebay Adult (Mature Audience) auction sign in format change.

I modified how the program behaves when a Time Change notification message is broadcasted. Prior to this update, when the Snipe count-down was active CJ would recalculate the snipe time if the snipe had been confirmed no matter when as long as the snipe had been confirmed. With this update, recalculating Snipe time will not occur after Smart Snipe disables at T-1 minute to Snipe time as this was causing problems with some end users wherein another synch was performed or the time was changed. This issue popped up mostly with XP users.

Version 3.2.27

This patch does not update the Cricket Updater! If you have revision .25 you can use the Cricket Updater to perform the update. If you do not have .25 or greater you need to also update the Cricket Updater.

This revision takes care of a side affect bug over the .26 revision that fixed getting bid stats after the confirmation and snipe.

I've implemented a new feature that will attempt to thwart time changes that could negatively impact a snipe on your computer when made by other synch programs including changes made to the date and times yourself.

When a program synchs a clock on 9x Windows it is supposed to notify Windows of the time change so that Windows can broadcast a time change message to all top level Windows. Very few synching programs it appears does this and rarely will a program that is not a synching program that changes the time on your computer do this.

The failure to broadcast the message could be the reason I am seeing the occasional Snipe log that has a sudden unexplainable reason the program is out of synch suddenly with Ebay. Up until this time the program assumed that Ebay time drifted from atomic time and would compensate. I believe there still is sporadic time changes on the Ebay servers because Official Time, Synch Time and Server Time does not always match up. This problem has in the past also been reported by those that Snipe manually and via other programs that do like CJ does. I am convinced now also that when what appears to be an out of synch Ebay server it may in fact not be but the problem can be attributed to a program or end user changing the time during the count down period.

New Cricket Behavior

If CJ receives a time change notification and the program has not confirmed the auction, meaning, it is still counting down, it will log the time change. There really is nothing more the program can do at this point but assume the time change is a synch and the time is correct.

If CJ receives a time change notification and the program has confirmed the auction CJ will immediately do a trans check and make sure Snipe time is still aligned with Ebay and if not, adjust Snipe time as needed. Ok.. now this is the mission critical part and the program's ability to make the correction is dependent on any program that changes your computer time to correctly notify Windows of the time change. Windows 2000 and XP will automatically do this so the problem really can occur only with Windows 9x Operating Systems.

Above all sounds good in theory but there remains one more problem. Most programs do not correctly handle time change notifications. I suggest after you install this revision and if you have programs other then CJ that changes the time on your computer that you use CJ to test these other programs.

Since CJ will only react to time changes when a Snipe is set, you need to set a Snipe to do the test.

  • Set a Snipe and have the Snipe screen in front of you

  • With each program you have that can change time, have it do it

  • If the Snipe is counting down: Notice CJ intercepts and will log the event.

  • If the Snipe has been confirmed: Notice CJ will realign Snipe Time with Ebay time

If you discover that another program you have does not correctly handle time change events I recommend you notify the developer and report it as a bug. Or.. do not use this program to synch or allow a time change on your computer after CJ has confirmed the auction.

I would like to mention also that in order for CJ to receive these time change notifications special things had to be done to do this. It is quite possible that if CJ is not shut down properly that you may get an Illegal Operation type message.

Version 3.2.26

This patch does not update the Cricket Updater! More on the Patch download page.

On March 13, 2002 Ebay made a change on their site that prevents the program from obtaining the current bid amount. This change does not affect Sniping. The change is as of this writing inconsistent in that they are putting US in front of bid to denote a USD ($) auction. They are not however doing this on the Dutch auctions (yet). The change was also implemented on Foreign currency auctions shown on USA Ebay.

The .26 revision fixes the problem and anticipates the change to take effect later with the Dutch Auction format.

Please note that there have a been a few revisions uploaded in the last week and that if you have version 3.2.25 you can use the Cricket Updater to download and assist with installing this patch. If you have version 3.2.24 or less you will need to install the patch manually and download and install the Cricket Updater patch to bring you up to speed.

Update To Version 3.2.25

This patch does not update the Cricket Updater! More on the Patch download page.

Issues addressed:

  1. Mission Critical Alert posted about the .23 revision.

    There was an INPUT ERROR at the time of confirmation. Turns out there was a problem with an updated file in .23.

  2. In the .23 update I removed all those buttons in Options screen and replaced them with check boxes. I did not realize some of logic behind the button clicking was different then a check box. So things became mighty confusing...

  3. A logic error with Auto AOL

  4. Feedback and Seller ID - CJ was putting seller ID into seller email after sniping if it could not get the seller email. This caused a problem emailing a feedback letter automatically after leaving feedback as the program used the ID as the seller's email address.. oops :(

  5. I get lots of email with ideas and if they are simple I really try to implement them in 3x. I've been asked on several occasions to do something for those that are red/green color blind. A new option to not display red or green text has been put into the program. I hesitate normally to do much with 3x due to the new Cricket 4x nearly being completed.

  6. When in the database (if you add the seller) when viewing any auction in the auctions table and you click to the seller's view, CJ will display the seller associated with the auction you were just viewing.

  7. I updated the Cricket Updater a while back to recognize the address. Although the Updater provides for updating different components, to save time I have been bundling updates together. You cannot auto extract the updater patch with the Cricket updater running.. another oops :( I uploaded a special Cricket Updater patch.

  8. There have been a lot of problems with Time Servers lately. It appears with the growing population on the NET that many of the time servers stop providing the service. You have always been able to add and delete time servers in the program so with this update I have updated a few of them, removed some that no longer worked and added to the main screen's menu a list of time server web pages that you can edit. (See the new help file for more information on how to do this)

  9. Went through the Help file and deleted legacy help (no longer applies) and updated screen shots.

  10. My brother Chris is my distributor and handles Ebay sales and some of the marketing. He receives credit for his sales on Ebay and any personal sales or those that have purchased from him and their referrals. To help keep track of who the seller of the program is I have added a seller code to all the Cricket Programs. 

    When you download the program from one of our sites, the seller code will be given on the download page. If you purchase from one of us directly the seller code will come in the download and registration instructions. When this patch runs for the first time you will be asked for your seller code. If you purchased from me directly (Dave) your seller code is DSE. If you purchased from Chris, from one of Chris' Ebay auctions or was referred to cricket from one of Chris' customers, choose Chris as your seller. His code is CGE.

  11. When making the Ebay win/loss HTML pages I noticed there is a script error sometimes when viewing the page that is regenerated by CJ. In addition to parsing out graphics, CJ will now rip out the scripts to get rid of the error. (I pull the graphics out so that if you are offline your browser is not triggered to sign you on to retrieve the Ebay graphics)

  12. I further tweaked the program so that when synching to atomic time and then comparing this time to Ebay, you get a better synch. I believe you will see now that you are more often dead on with Ebay after the atomic synch.

  13. Those using the 3x Beta to Multi Snipe no longer have to download the 3x Beta as the single program run limitation has been removed in the Final.

Version 3.2.23

Issues addressed:

  1. A new feature has been added to the program. Via Options in the program, Snipe tab you can choose to have CJ refuse to allow windows to power down when a snipe is set.

  2. A Snipe time adjustment issue was fixed. Under certain conditions the trans time and safety margin adjustments caused the program to reset the snipe time 1 second before auction end.

  3. Direct Dial issue fixed when setting a snipe.

  4. Germany currency issue in bid price data field in the database.

  5. Foreign language issue as it applies to the sending of email via Cricket. The subject fields were hard coded. Your subjects fields will be saved and used by the program for both sending Snipe Win Email and Feedback Email. 

  6. When sending Snipe Email address was malformed in CC.

  7. A few problems reported but were not replicatable - I made some modifications to try and trap/prevent the problems.

Version 3.2.22

Issues addressed:

  1. Microsoft Function backward compatibility issue dealing with determining Operating system. This problem affects NT/XP/2000 when setting up these operating system phone books. (Introduced with a code upgrade in last update)
  2. A bug resulting in a misreporting the official Ebay time page difference
  3. An Ebay change that causes the program to not confirm win status, exact number of seconds left in auction after the snipe and displaying your ID as the winning bidder (it knows you won though :)

Version 3.2.21

The .20 update targets AOL users. .21 provides some tweaks to .20 and AOL users and fixes a bug that popped up when retrieving seller email addresses on a confirmed win. 

These updates enables the Cricket to take advantage of Auto AOL and will probably prove to be a more reliable method of getting AOL online in your behalf.

To learn how to enable Auto AOL see the help file after you install the patch. Go to Topic, Screens, Options. 

Version 3.2.19

This patch updates your program to 3.2.19.

With .18 update patch two bugs were introduced.

1. CJ may wrongly reset the snipe time after determining the server time.
2. Auto Messaging feature did not recognize the address correctly.

Update To Version 3.2.18

This patch updates your program to 3.2.18.

The .17 update and full version was not released to all users. So many will be updating from .16 to .18.

Ebay Changes

Ebay changed their Sign Policy and enforce the use of Cookies. CJ can again retrieve seller email address after confirmed auction win, send feedback and bid on Mature Audience auctions (Adult)

CJ does not store a cookie on your drive and treats all Ebay cookies as "Session" cookies. Session cookies in this case are held in program memory and are destroyed when the program is done using them. CJ does not store cookies on or your drive nor will the program fulfill cookie requests by servers unless the cookie is required to complete a job. Absolutely no third party cookies (commonly used to track you) are used by CJ.

"DBGrid" box with "data type conversion error" when working with the database.

Bug Fixes

Rewrote the algorithm that gets Ebay time a third way. Bug caused the program to Snipe early if the Snipe time fell on a whole hour with 00 minutes.

Fixed bug that popped up on International Auctions that caused the program to not correctly identify an International auction due to a recent Ebay change.

Update To Version 3.2.16

Ebay Changes

Ebay continues to have sporadic out of synch servers compared to their own official time and Atomic time.

Re-implemented feature that checks server times and compares with official Ebay time and atomic synch. Priority is placed on server times, item page and bid server equally. Action is only taken if Server time is ahead of your time.

Bug Fixes

CJ would not send email after Snipe win for some users.

Fixed logic error that could cause CJ to Snipe early in the event of a failed Atomic Synch.

Reported program crash when exiting Snipe screen via the exit button on main screen and a report via the Abort & Exit button in Snipe screen Abort dialog box. Problem was not replicatable but I did review and tweak routines.

Program Improvements

Increased logging of server times and comparisons.

Added feature that will alert Sniper to server time discrepancies with 30 second time out feature. Meaning window will display and auto close in 30 seconds.

Added label to Snipe screen that shows default SafeMargin compared to current adjusted safety margin. Your safety margin is adjusted to make the default safety margin a target time to hit.

Rewrote parsing algorithms to bring parse speed back to that of original CJ (perhaps faster?) after series of Ebay changes.

Update Version 3.2.15

Ebay Changes:

  • Retrieve Seller Email - Failed to retrieve Seller Email after a confirmed win. At issue is the new privacy policies as they apply to requesting email addresses.

  • Dutch Auction - rewrote algorithms to conform with Ebay Motors.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Synch clock "Busy" message if cancelled. 

  • Find Win2k Phone book

  • Tray Icon menu will behave as expected

  • Removed Time check two.. will still log a time difference.

    Back story: In April 2000 Ebay had problems keeping their bidding servers synched with their official Time page. Although they refused to admit this publicly the program detected and proved they were having these problems. A third method to check Ebay time was modified to adjust the Snipe time because the bidding server time took precedent over the official Time Page. It appears that is no longer so.

  • Removed generic Alarm on CJ Main Screen and put Opt out message and link to Ebay Notification Preferences page.

    Back Story: Ebay recently came up with the idea to send unsolicited emails to bidders that did not win their auction. This email would contain items similar to the item having just been bid on. The Ebay user is Opted - IN to receive this email and to Opt Out requires you to change your Notification Preferences.

    When Ebay first implemented the feature I was able to stop the email when Sniping however I noticed that a command code used to do this is no longer provided (but the Snipe still worked) It was not clear to me if they were going to change something around and threaten a mission critical feature so the safest thing to do was to simply provide an alert to this feature and a link to the Notification Preferences page.

Notification Preferences: The way this whole thing works is once you change your preferences that is what it will be until you change them back. On the Ebay bid confirmation page (after the bid is submitted) Ebay provided the opt - out option. CJ only uses this page to determine your win status and amount of time left in the auction and ignores anything else Ebay puts on the page.

  • Updated Help file to reflect recent changes it Ebay and to clarify some questions posed by users including new CJ domain name.

  • Updated program to reflect new Cricket Jr domain,

Update To Version 3.2.14

This patch updates your program to 3.2.14.

Ebay changes:

Ebay made changes to their site that crippled a couple of features. The program is not able to positively confirm the end of the auction after the Snipe, retrieve Bidder/Seller IDs.

version 3.2.13 update patch

Ebay Change - Ebay changed their policy regarding obtaining email addresses. This policy change also included a hidden coded email request feature that affected the program's ability to correctly ascertain a User ID.


Other Date vs Smart Add - Another attempt to fix the periodic bad date issue when using Smart Item to retrieve an auction and it clicks the "Other" button.

Time Left in Auction - When determining the time left in the auction a logic error was discovered that could cause the program to not completely process the Time Left. The result was that the program would not wait for the auction to end but believed it had ended right after the Snipe.

Main Interface - Dial in the Menu was disabled when the Syncher was disabled. Should have been Syncher in the Menu that was disabled.


A Time Stamp was added to the Synch Log write when Sniping and the program synched the clock.

Updated 10/31/00 version 3.2.9 update patch

A bug was introduced in the.8 patch causing the program in some cases to incorrectly report you have been outbid.

Current bid label when displaying a Dutch Auction Current bid incorrectly displayed, "Dutch Min Bid" when it should have displayed "Dutch Bid"

After the auction had ended the log could contradict itself when saying the auction end was undetermined when in fact it was. Nothing to do with the anything really except provide information.

I noticed in the log after some Snipes this weekend that I had the program refer to Ebay being ahead or behind Atomic time. After several Atomic Time Server Time Outs it became a bit obvious that this was misleading. I changed the wording to refer to "Your" time rather than "Atomic" time.

Updated 10/26/00 version 3.2.8 update patch

Ebay Change - Ebay used "Days", "Mins", "Hours", "Secs" to describe how much time was left in an auction whether there was 0, 1 or more amounts of time left. They updated their site to not display the plural when singular would apply. This caused CJ to not be able to detect the time left in the auction.


Date Issue - Other Button when setting up Snipe via Smart Item: See 3.2.7 Update notes on this for the problem. -- I have not been able to replicate the issue for these couple of users. More "tweaking" (guessing) was done. Let me know...

Ebay Germany - International issues were addressed related to Dialing, Dates and Time.

Note: If you install the patch and you are still in trial mode the PayPal link will be broken due to a PayPal change. The issue is fixed with the full version update however due to the fact that both myself and Chris sell the program it was not possible to fix the order form for both at the same time. Please be sure that Chris - is the payee when using PayPal **if** you learned about this program **from** an Ebay **auction** or downloaded it from **Chris'*** site (in that case the program will have Chris' order form) or was referred to the program by somebody that has done business **with** Chris.


America Online - I do believe CJ will dial into 6.0 Beta and Pre-Release now at least with my AOL 6.0 it did without a problem. I found another way to make it happen in this Edition so please disregard previous messages about not updating the 3.0 Standard Edition to accommodate AOL 6.0. However previous messages about AOL hiding the AOL.exe file still apply. I'll post more on this on the FAQ page about how to prepare the STD Edition to work with AOL after 6.0 has been installed.

Updated 10/02/00 version 3.2.7 update patch


Ebay Synch Difference - Snipe Adjustment:

3.2.6 introduced a new feature as a result of Ebay Bidding servers and the Time page being out of synch with Atomic time. A logic error was introduced causing the program to make an error when adjusting the Snipe time if the program detected that Ebay's server was out of synch with Atomic Time.

Date Issue - Other Button when setting up Snipe via Smart Item:

Some users reported that after the program had Sniped once rescheduling another Snipe using Smart Item caused a problem with the date "Other" option button. I have not been able to replicate this problem but I did tweak the code a bit. If the problem arises let me know. The work around is to click the Today or Tomorrow option button to reset the Date field then click other and enter the Auction end date manually.

America Online - CJ would not sign on to AOL

Reported by a few users. I increased the Signing On timer from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. I also found an error that caused confusion in that when the user adjusted the Log On time out figure, CJ did not show the new time out figure however the program did use the new time out figure when logging on.

Ebay Germany - Minimum bid amount and Out Bid warning

It was discovered that Ebay Germany does not allow for odd change amounts to be used in a bid. CJ will not watch for this and alert you if you try to place a bid that contains change.

CJ would alert user to being outbid when in fact you were not (Ebay Germany) This issue was fixed.

Dialer - ISP 20650 Not Responding

Although not technically a BUG CJ treated the above error as fatal if when dialing the modem tossed the error to the program. I made the above error non-fatal which will cause the program to keep trying for the amount of Retries you have set in CJ Options.

Updated 6/25/00 version 3.2.6 update patch

Ebay ISSUE: (Program Enhancement)

Several reports of serious synch problems with Ebay bid servers when compared to the Ebay Official Time (atomic time) resulted in lost snipes due to the auction being over shot.

CJ will now monitor bidding server time and adjust snipe time to accommodate changes. I was not able to reproduce the problem myself because the problem is very sporadic. Tests show that this new Snipe time algorithm should work.

I have changed the snipe logs to reflect actual time differences rather than the more confusing time stamps that pointed to this problem.

CJ will check the bidding server time when it confirms and during the two minute pre snipe check.

Side Note: Snipe reports came in during the month of June suggesting the problem had worsened. I contacted Ebay and well, we had some fun.

Bugs Fixed:

Feedback - CJ would not submit feedback due to prior update optimization issue.

Database - Optimized database, fixed problems that involved the program not handling all views correctly, provided for more informative queries, provided for Total Due in Reminders instead of bid amounts.

Updated 5/27/00 version 3.2.5 update patch



Bugs Fixed:

Currency issue for Norway User

Cricket Dialer became confused in some cases when User changed ISP's and would dial last ISP if more than one ISP appeared in the list.

When using Smart Item, the new auction date did not always change correctly on the main screen.

When Bid Bumping, the Snipe bid label that displays the Snipe bid erroneously showed the Bump Bid as the Snipe bid

Short Date / Cricket Auto Format feature formatting problem on some Operating Systems. (More below) CJ did not always alert user to leading 0 (double digit) short date format requirement.

Program Enhancements:

Cricket Auto date formatting feature was changed to not use User Short Date Regional settings if User regional settings reflect they are in United States. The above issue could still be an issue for International Users. The fix for International users is to change your regional short date format to all for leading 0 (dd/mm/yy rather than d/m/yy)

Corrected "Syncronize" mis-spelling in Menu

Updated 4/28/00 version 3.2.4 update patch


Ebay re-introduced their Canada site. They changed the Canada currency format from CA$ to C$. CJ will accommodate both.

Program Enhancements:

AOL - Doubled the amount of time for CJ to find the log-on Button then click it.

AOL - In the works is a way to not require the AOL user to store a password.

Resolved an ongoing issue with a few User's ISP's in that a 404 file not found error was reported.

Bugs Fixed:

Not sure why the auto date format feature was not alerting some users to the need to change their regional short date settings. A tweak was made to the code.

Updated 4/11/00 version 3.2.3 update patch


Ebay no longer allows for Non Transactional Feedback to be posted. You have 60 days minimum from auction end to leave feedback for a seller.

Changed Dutch Auction format


CJ normally waits until 10 seconds after auction end to confirm winner status. Now CJ will wait 20 seconds do make this confirmation. This change was necessary due to Ebay's bid servers being out of synch and declaring winner/loser long after auction ended. (changed results)


New CJ Wizard 2.0. Improved interface making it easier to set up the program for first use and to return to the wizard to reset basic Snipe setup settings.

Added ESMTP email authorization and password capabilities.

Added Go Auction button to Snipe Screen

Added Emergency Snipe feature... If CJ runs into 12031 connection reset problems and it gets worried, it will load up the auction clock and a manual snipe timer. In options you can have it sound an audible alarm... Errata: Mistakenly made the alarm to sound by default. Turn it off if you do not want to be alerted while sleeping :)

While in the Snipe screen, you can test the Cricket Jr Emergency broadcast system by clicking the Alarm Button then clicking Emergency Snipe. You will only hear an alarm sound if you specifically activate the option in Options. (Some probably would not want to be woken in the middle of the night)

The Emergency Snipe feature is for extra Snipe safety. CJ still could get past the 12031 Connection Reset errors.

Tweaked all synch codes to thwart delays that may be causing a Snipe loss due to long Winsock time outs.

Added Two Minute Pre Snipe check.  This new feature should cover Smart Snipe's back. Note that this feature will only be activated on Snipes that set 4 minutes or longer away from auction end.

Added auto Synch to Ebay. Formerly CJ would do this if the Time Server timed out. However now... it will either adjust Snipe time or change your system time. For this reason, be very careful about having your time zone offset hour set correctly.

Added ability to manually update current bid after Smart Snipe deactivates in the last minute of the auction.

Added ability to retrieve minimum bid amounts for Dutch Auctions. CJ will also alert you if your Dutch Auction bid is out bid. This feature works for US currencies only at this time.

Bid Bump will behave differently. No longer can you Bid Bump higher than your Snipe bid. If you wish to bump more than the Snipe bid you can use the Go Auction button or change your Snipe Bid via the bid label (double click).

Rewrote the Setup wizard to make it even easier to install.

Rewrote the Cricket Updater to assist in automating updates. In addition a new Help file is included with the Updater.

Included in the new Updater are two ways to check for updates (see help file) and a way to re-download a program component for any reason (see help file)

Removed the need to use an ID and Password to obtain updates to the program.


Database: Fixed - If you manually entered or change the Auction End date CJ would not save the date.

Fixed TimeZone offset hour miscalculation for users in Time Zones behind Pacific Time.

Second User: After scheduling a Snipe with using the 2nd user if you closed the program then reopened it, CJ remembered the second user but re-set the Snipe for the first user.

De-Register: Fired inappropriately with a couple of users if there were connection related problems.

International Issue: Ebay returns the Month on an auction End in English. CJ will now convert the dates and currency's.


Updated 3/05/00 version 3.2.2 update patch

This update patch is a result of, a one bug introduced in the 3.2.1 patch and one bug not completed eliminated in same. This update also includes one program enhancement.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Advanced Dialer Feature had continued problems with a select few NT users. Some setting changes were not saving correctly.
  2. CJ Dialer was not correctly telling Smart Snipe that AOL was connected.

Program Enhancement

  1. User can use + - keys on their key board to increment date fields. This feature enhancement works when Smart Data Entry feature - Date Fields is activated.

Updated 2/28/00 version 3.2.1 update patch

This update patch is a result of 1 Ebay change, a couple of bugs introduced in the 3.2 patch and 1 program enhancement and 1 new program feature.

Ebay problem fixed:

  1. Ebay changed something on Dutch Auctions that caused CJ to not be able to determine the current bid.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Advanced Dialer Feature introduced in the 3.2 release had problems with a select few NT users.
  2. CJ would not return Ebay time for the Atomic Synch comparison.
  3. With a couple of users, CJ would cause an invalid page fault after a synching.

Program Enhancement

  1. Added ability to turn off the Cricket Jr Synch window

New Program Feature

  1. Added a Memory Monitor with meter to the Snipe screen. What appeared to be program problems periodically over a failed Snipe were attributed to very low user system resources and/or high memory loads. User can now establish a safe zone and have Cricket Jr warn the user when Memory Load exceeds a set amount.

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